Registrar - LeAnnette Hix
Phone: 281-345-3129
Secretary - Mayte Kinnison 
Phone: 281-345-3040
Aide - Laura Hubbell
Phone: 281-345-3654

Current and Former C.F.I.S.D. High School Students

Please note that official transcripts must be sent directly to a college, employer, etc. Transcripts sent to a home address or given directly to a student will be considered unofficial.

IMPORTANT: Transcripts and records for high school students who graduated or withdrew 2 or more years ago are held at the CFISD Records Center located at 11330 Falcon Rd., Houston, Texas, 77064.

Records and transcripts for current students, and those who left or graduated less than 2 years ago may be obtained from your high school registrar's office.


All current and former high school students may request their transcripts through our ON-LINE system using the link below. 

Third party education verifications are also obtained through this system.

After completing the on-line request process, you may be instructed by email to send appropriate identification and/or authorization.


Online Request System



Students who graduated or left our district MORE THAN 2 YEARS AGO:  The Records Center is located at: 11330 Falcon Road, Houston, Texas 77064. Hours are 7:30am-4:00pm Monday-Friday except holidays. We are closed on Fridays during the summer months.  281-897-4580.

Current students or those who left our district LESS TWO YEARS AGO, please contact your high school registrar directly for in-person requests.

Click for more information Transcript Information

Need to Withdraw Your Student? 

Be sure to provide our campus with 24-hour notice in order to ensure a more efficient withdrawal process. Be sure to complete the Student Withdrawal Checklist prior to returning to campus to withdraw your student.

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