Students win awards at SkillsUSA State Conference

April 20, 2015


Cypress Ranch technical education students celebrate a successful SkillsUSA state competition. Pictured (L-R) are Emily Calles, Alejandra Miller, Amber Kentsar, Vanessa Calderon, Victoria Carter, Brandon Lord, Hunter Parente, adviser Tara Cox, Covington Thompson, Daniel Fichtel, Jonathan Stelly, Caleb Whitley, Logan Vicknair and Michael Gudalj. Not pictured is Caleb Snyder.

April 17, 2015—Students from seven CFISD high schools earned awards at the SkillsUSA Texas State Leadership Conference, held March 26-28 in Corpus Christi.

The following students earned awards:

Technical education

  • Daniel Fichtel, Cypress Ranch junior – Best of Show, wood project;
  • Hunter ParenteVanessa Calderon and Emily Calles, Cypress Ranch – third place, Engineering Tech Design;
  • Michael Gudalj and Noel Murillo, Cypress Ranch – third place, Additive Manufacturing;
  • Jonathon Stelly, Cypress Ranch – blue ribbon, multi-wood coffee table;
  • Covington Thompson, Cypress Ranch – blue ribbon, double-decker guinea pig cage;
  • Brandon Lord, Cypress Ranch – blue ribbon, industrial/reclaimed wood side table;
  • Alejandra Miller, laser-engraved cutting board;
  • Caleb Snyder, Cypress Ranch – blue ribbon, go-cart;
  • Amber Knestar, Cypress Ranch – blue ribbon, metal stamped/painted Texas flag with wooden frame;
  • Logan Vicknair, Cypress Ranch – red ribbon, fire pit; and
  • Victoria Carter, Cypress Ranch – red ribbon, CAD Arch entry.

Daniel Fichtel, Cypress Ranch High School junior, won Best of Show for his wood project at the SkillsUSA state leadership conference.  

Culinary arts

  • Yanelly Nunez, Cy-Fair senior – Best of Best of Show, Cake Design;
  • Kaylee Ross, Cy-Fair junior – first place, Cake Design;
  • Anna LeBlanc, Cy-Fair junior – second place, Cake Design;
  • Jaqueline Franco, Cypress Ridge – second place, Cake Design; and
  • Lauren Santos, Cypress Ridge – second place, Cake Design.
Cy-Fair senior Yanelly Nunez’s cake won the highest honor—Best of Best of Show—in Cake Design at the SkillsUSA state competition in Corpus Christi on March 28.


  • Jordain McGee and Alexis Martinez, seniors; and Nicole Thude, junior; Cypress Ranch – Best of Show, Fantasy;
  • Emily Mata and Stephany Sanch, juniors; and Annai Garcia, sophomore; Cypress Springs – Best of Show, Fantasy/nails (Lion King);
Cypress Springs cosmetology students (L-R) Emily Mata, Stephany Sanch and Annai Garcia won Best of Show in the Fantasy/nails category for The Lion King.

  • Vernice AburtoJoelma AvelarMarkesia ReeseBrooke Terryand Vanessa Zuniga, Cypress Creek seniors – first place, Fantasy (The Hunger Games);
  • Maricarmen VeldezquezVania Maldonado and Marisol Maldonado, Cypress Creek juniors – first place, Fantasy (Sea Creatures);
  • Kerrighan Burks, Cypress Creek junior – first place, Fantasy (FairyLand Forest);
  • Crystal Jilek, Cypress Creek junior – first place, Fantasy (The Tree of Life);
  • Avion Lowrence, Cypress Creek junior – first place, Fantasy (Queen of the Nile);
  • Destingy Saldana, Cypress Creek junior – first place, Fantasy (Ice Princess);
  • Rosie Solis, Cypress Creek junior – first place, Fantasy (Galaxy Girl);
  • Wayliz Rivera and Mariah Garcia, Cypress Lakes seniors – first place, Fantasy;
  • Abby Rodriguez, Cypress Lakes senior – first place, Photo Panel;
  • Daisy Zarate, Cypress Lakes junior – first place, Nail Art;
  • Haley JimenezJessica KinseyHailey DoddRobert Simmonsand Crystal Pena, seniors; and Lelayne SalgueroKordashia RiggsSophia ReevesKaitlyn HendersonJenna Frost andTrinity Davis, juniors, Cypress Ranch – first place, Fantasy;
  • Faith Lanthie and Erika McCabe, Cypress Ranch juniors – first place, Nails;
  • Natalie Cordova, Cypress Ridge senior – first place, Wet Sets;
  • Judith Aguilar, Cypress Ridge senior – first place, Day or Evening Comb-out;
  • Destiny Lapoole and Jazmine Thibodeaux, Cypress Ridge seniors – first place, Fantasy;
  • Megan Wilson and Candyce Livingston, Cypress Ridge seniors – first place, Innovative Group Project: Salon;
Cypress Ridge cosmetology students won first-place awards at the SkillsUSA state leadership conference. Pictured (clockwise from top left) are: Candyce Livingston, Judith Aguilar, Jazmine Thibodeaux, Destiny Lapool and Natalie Cordova.

  • Crystal Morales, Cypress Springs junior – first place (2), Fantasy (Lady Blackbird) and Evening (Evening Hairstyle);
  • Jennifer Castillo, Cypress Springs senior – first place, Nail Project (Cinderella);
  • Jacqueline Sosa, Cypress Springs senior – first place, Evening (Evening Hairstyle);
  • Kelsea MoxeyMorgan Jordan and Robrianna Clay, Cypress Springs seniors – Fantasy (SpongeBob);
  • Luz Lopez and Alondra Solis, Cypress Springs juniors – Fantasy (Monsters Inc.);
  • Korie Bushnell and Jessica Romero, Cypress Springs juniors – Evening (Evening Hairstyle);
  • Reigha Booker and Breanna Malcolm, Cypress Springs juniors – first place (Good vs. Evil);
  • Kassandra DelgadoDahlia RiveraMartiza Ortiz and Jennifer Flores, seniors; and Victoria Tijerina, junior, Langham Creek – first place, Innovation;
  • Susana Moreno, Langham Creek junior – first place, Fantasy;
  • Paola Peralta, Langham Creek senior – first place, Innovation;
  • Mackenzie Turner, junior; and Michelle Olvera, senior, Langham Creek – first place, Evening wear;
  • Alexa Williams, Langham Creek junior – first place, Fantasy;
  • Mia Womack, Langham Creek junior – first place, Braiding;
  • Janae’ Jones, Cypress Creek junior – second place, Fantasy (CandyLand);
  • Taylor Williams and Jordin Taylor, Cypress Creek seniors – second place, Fantasy (Mr. Orange/Mr. Red);
  • Dezihra Morant, Cypress Creek – second place;
  • Kianda Townsley and Janet Lizcano, Cypress Lakes seniors – second place, Day & Evening;
  • Daejah McDowell, Cypress Lakes junior – second place, Wigs and Hairpieces;
  • Jazmin Villarreal, Cypress Lakes junior – second place, Salon Innovation;
  • Molly Johnson, Cypress Ranch junior – second place;
  • Deisy HernandezBriunna Hawkins and Kimberly Flores, Cypress Springs juniors – second place, Fantasy (Despicable Me);
  • Tashaunna Lewis, Cypress Springs senior – second place, Fantasy (Mummy King Pyramid);
  • Diarye Diane, Langham Creek senior – second place, Braiding;
  • Althea Harvey, Langham Creek senior – second place, Evening wear; and
  • Alexis Lopez, Langham Creek senior – second place, Fantasy.


Cy-Fair junior Kaylee Ross won first place in Cake Design at the SkillsUSA state competition.


Cy-Fair junior Anna LeBlanc won second place in Cake Design at the SkillsUSA state competition.


Cypress Ridge senior Jaqueline Franco won second place in Cake Design at the SkillsUSA state competition.


Cypress Ridge senior Lauren Santos won second place in Cake Design at the SkillsUSA state competition.


Cypress Springs cosmetology student Crystal Morales won first place in the Fantasy category for Lady Blackbird.

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