Career & Technical Education (CTE)



STATS ABOUT CFISD CTE - Opportunity Starts Here!

  • Almost 400 CTE teachers serve over 30,000 high school students and 12,000 middle school students.
  • 130 CTE courses are offered across 14 career clusters, allowing students to earn endorsements in Business & Industry, Public Services, and STEM.
  • In general, all courses are available to all students, regardless of which CFISD campus they attend. Each of our campuses offers a comprehensive CTE program.
  • At least 64 industry certification opportunities are available to students in CTE courses districtwide. For the vast majority of certifications, the training/prep is free; students only need to pay any exam fee. (Scholarships are available--see your counselor for more details.)
  • About one-half of the certification opportunities available to students satisfy the requirement for a student to earn a Performance Acknowledgement.

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